Utah CCW

Utah CCW


Fingerprinting included! The Utah Concealed Carry Permit Course is a 4-hour course that consists of classroom training only. The course description is similar to This permit licenses to conceal carry in 36+ states. NO-LIVE FIRE  QUALIFICATION!

The course is minimally 4 hours of classroom instruction (no course of fire required): Federal and State Laws Overviews, Use of Force Continuum Overview, Pistol Nomenclature and Proper firearm handling, Pistol Shooting, fundamentals, Clearing malfunctions, as well as various options on how to Concealed Carry. Included with this course is the Utah CCW training curriculum, certified FD-258 FBI card fingerprinting, passport quality photos, and assistance with filing the application.

Please bring your Driver’s License and class fee (if not already pre-registered) to class. In addition to the course fee, you will need to bring a separate credit or debit card or check payment in the amount of $63.25, per applicant for the background check and application fees sent directly to Utah.  Checks are titled to pay “Utah BCI”.  Your credit card information is to be typed in the space available at the bottom of the application.

THINGS TO NOTE: When you are filling out the application, your proof of non-residency is to be determined by your state-issued identification i.e. Driver’s License. ALSO, if you reside in a state that recognizes the validity of the Utah CCW or has reciprocity with Utah, you need to have a CFP or CCW of your home state (i.e. Virginia residents) and submit a copy with your application.  If your state does not recognize the Utah CCW  (i.e MD, NY) this requirement does not apply!!!

Once your application is received, a background investigation will be performed by Utah BCI. When this process is complete and they determine that the criteria by law are successfully met, your Utah CCW permit will be mailed out to the address put on your application. DO NOT call to check the status of your application/permit for at least 60 days. The Utah BCI timeline is 60 days to process for your application. This timeline can be tracked from the date you see a credit card/ debit card transaction was placed, or that the check you mailed with your application has begun being processed.

The Minimum Requirements to recieve an Utah CCW include:

  • You must be a US Citizen or Legal Alien of at least 21 Years Old
  • No Offenses Involving the Use of Alcohol
  • No Prior Felony Convictions (If you do, these need to be expunged and considered non-violent)
  • No Violent Crime Convictions (There are absolutely no exceptions)
  • No Offenses Involving Moral Turpitude
  • No Unlawful Use of Controlled Substances Convictions
  • No Offenses Involving Domestic Violence (There are absolutely no exceptions)
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Utah CCW


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